Multi Cuisine Restaurant-hosuru

CCC Peppermint-Hosuru serves sumptuous dishes that come alive with South Indian, Chinese and continental flavors. We offer several dining options to suit every palate. From relaxed casual to upscale elegance, we offer sumptuous meals, superb settings and a variety of choice. Whether you wish to sample local or global cuisines or tuck in to our enriched buffet, you will find the finest culinary delights in our restaurants.

Chinese and Thai dishes Oriental - A Journey into a Mystic Experience, as the name suggests, 'Oriental' offers the best of delicacies from Oosuru, Dominating them all is the cuisine of China. The Multi cuisine we relish today was born long time back. The phrase "kopeng" then recorded, describes clearly the cut and cook method that is now called "stir fry". It is interesting to note that cuisines.

A charming restaurant that runs round the clock, Shivalayam is one of the best known ones in Hosur. The chefs take pride in presenting sumptuous lunch buffets with varied Pure Vegetarian from around the world. Surrender to the extravagance of our lavish Breakfast and Lunch reasonably priced to suit your purse strings.Break Fast Buffet - Rs.200 /- Net (On all Days) Lunch Buffet - Rate: Rs.375 /- Net (On all Days) Dinner Buffet - Rate: Rs.375 /- Net (On all Days)

"Saturday and Sunday Special Buffet"